About Kael

I am certified in 600 hour yoga teacher training, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo, and former professional fighter and title belt holder in Muay Thai, kickboxing, K1 and cage fighting.

Having worked extensively with victims of crime, survivors of physical, mental, and sexual assault, as well as those affected by bullying, including children and teens, I extend my reach through school programs, speaking events, and personalised coaching. My commitment shines through in my 12-week program, The Conscious Warrior where I guides individuals toward a transformative journey.

My ultimate mission is to empower as many people as possible to lead a life of sustained joy! Through my unique modalities and life experience I empower others to overcome the pain of their past and live a life of freedom of fulfilment.

My past was full of fear, violence, & abuse…


The Early Days


My school years were challenging. I gravitated toward 'nerdy' interests, which made me a target for bullying and physical assault. Slowly, insecurities consumed me, leading me to question my worth and alter myself to fit in. At 16, following a violent incident, I threw myself into martial arts to reclaim my power.

I traded fantasy novels for black belts in various disciplines, immersing myself in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo.

But as much as I desired it to, the fighting did’t truly solve my problems.

I was terrified before every fight, I didn’t want to fight. My body was burning out and in pain… Internally I was still afraid and felt unworthy.  My low self-esteem was masked by these external achievements, but they were not sustainable nor really what I was seeking.

The real fights were going on within. A constant wrestling with who I was and how I showed up.


What Beliefs Changed

The physical training and fighting offered a temporary boost in confidence, but beneath the surface, I grappled with deep-seated insecurities. The real battles unfolded within, a constant struggle with self-identity and acceptance.

Years later, I delved into the realms of Buddhism, yoga, meditation and breathwork, finally addressing the inner turmoil I had long ignored.

Surprisingly, the practices of combat and stillness intertwined seamlessly, fostering the holistic healing I craved. The external and internal merged, blending intensity with serenity, strength with vulnerability, creating a harmonious balance.

I came to understand that true confidence and self-assurance weren't bestowed by black belts and titles, but rather by the transformative journey itself, instilling empowerment and self-trust within me.


New positive lifestyle


I bring this same holistic approach into my coaching and mentoring.

After years of running a successful yet draining business, I reached a point of burnout. It took significant personal reflection and external circumstances pushing me to finally let go of that version of "success" and pursue work aligned with my values and passions.

These days, you'll often find me at Tribe MMA, fully immersed in training at my gym and dojo, cherishing moments with my children, and pursuing ongoing learning in diverse fields such as clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and biodynamic breathwork for trauma release.

I'm excited to connect with you and witness your transformation!


Diploma in Fitness, Diploma in Sport Coaching

Government accredited coach - Victorian Combat Sports Board

600 hour Yoga Teacher

First aid and WWCC

Certified YOGABODY® Breathing Coach

Currently studying: Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy & psychotherapy. Along with a 460 hour biodynamic breathwork for trauma release course.


Veteran fighter in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and K1 20 professional fights 3 losses, won multiple title belts

7 professional MMA / Cage fights 5 wins via submission 2 losses .

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo.

Equivalent level and Instructor in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Krav Maga.

2+ years Retreat Facilitator and Yoga Teacher